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Cleaning House Tips

Cleaning House Tips

How to remove limestone:

The handiest method of removing limestone from kitchen utensils, household appliances (including washing machines), valves, shower heads, etc. is located right in your kitchen. It’s about food vinegar.
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Limestone (calcium carbonate) is found almost in each kitchen or bathroom and is formed, hot, by rapid evaporation of water. Acid is his enemy, and the most at hand is acetic acid. Limestone can be efficiently removed with vinegar-based and hot water solutions.
Always use white vinegar, originating from wine or alcohol (red wine vinegar can stain) with 9% concentration.

How to use vinegar to remove limestone:


Coffee maker or espresso machine
Among the most exposed to limestone deposits are the filters or espresso machines. To remove limestone from their installation is ideal to make a solution consisting of 50% water and 50% vinegar. Pour into the coffee filter tank.
Allow the solution to pass through the appliance using it normally. The Ideal is to leave the liquid overnight in the facility and repeat the operation the next day. Discard the solution used, rinse thoroughly and repeat the operation with clean water to clear the installation. Throw out your first coffee.

Water Kettle/Tea

Proceed with the same solution as above (50% water, 50% vinegar). Fill the kettle to the maximum (until the mark). Boil the liquid a few times in the kettle. Leave the liquid in the kettle overnight and repeat the operation. Rinse in a few cold drinks of water and discard the first boiling water.

Pots, other cookware

Kitchen utensils are easily cleaned by the limestone if you boil them in a mixture of vinegar water (half/half). Let them cool in the water overnight. Rinse them thoroughly.

Washing machine

To remove the already formed limestone, fill the washing machine with 5 litres of vinegar. Add a kitchen cloth (to make the car something). Use a long cycle of washing. The best advice for the maintenance of the washing machine is to use every 50-100 ml of white vinegar washed in the balm tank of the washing machine. Stop using balm, because you don’t have to!
The vinegar will protect both the washing machine against the limestone and your fabrics. In addition, it will give a special freshness to the laundry, without having the smell of vinegar (in the washing cycle rinse after the process of adding balm).


Use the same way for the cleaning and maintenance of the dishwasher.

Valves, batteries and shower heads

Make a solution of 50/50 water with vinegar (more vinegar if it’s stubborn), pour it into a window sprayer and apply it directly to the limestone. For effective results soak a cloth in vinegar, wrap it around the affected area, pull a bag over and let it act overnight. Rinse the next day.
The filters at valves are put in water with vinegar overnight to escape the limestone, as well as the removable shower heads. Don’t forget to do the test described in the introduction.
With the same solution described and applied that the shower cabin and even the windows are washed above. Apply, allow to act, rinse, delete. Repeat if necessary.

Toilet bowl

The vinegar removes the limestone from the stained toilet bowl. Turn off the tap tank, empty the tank and remove the rest of the water. Clogged with a cloth drain (not too deep) to allow the volume of vinegar to grow from the bowl, fill with vinegar beyond the trail of limestone, let it act overnight. Remove (with the help of a glove) the cloth with which you have clogged the drain and rub thoroughly the trace of limestone. Reopen the water that fills the tank. Rinse a few times.


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